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At the end of Grade 11, Ms. Dunn had presented the class with a new project to design an outdoor learning space. It wasn't until my Grade 12 year that we began working on it. I was in Art Foundations 12 and as well as making an outdoor learning space the class looked at how we could make the large space we had to work with greener and more appealing to the student body. The space we had had not had any time spent on it in years. There are old, rotting wooden benches and the dirt is so compacted that the water does not’ drain anymore. After the class talked about it we had decided as a whole that we were going to create a space where students could come out on sunny days and spend time with their friends while at the same time enjoying a comfortable welcoming space that also contributes to nature itself. Everyone in the class had designed something whether it is a bench, a garden or a planter. I was lucky enough to have my design of a bench and a path picked to be created. We had the okay from the principal and the grounds guy to start building. It was not until second semester when things started happening, when it was warmer. I was in a Ceramics and Sculpture 12 that semester. Ms Dunn had found a volunteer to do all the masonry work for us.  He had been in the business for 47 years.  His name is Don Macbeth. Whenever we had a sunny day I was out there helping him dig the holes and move the gravel.  He first started by building my path through the garden. The reason I chose to put a path through is because students had pretty much made their own path through it and compacted the dirt.  My thinking was, there’s no guarantee that once we make this nice that kids are going to stop walking through it so, if you can’t beat them, join them.  I didn’t just plan a path and say that will do.  I thought about how I could make it work so on either side of the path it is curved in to accent the schools round room right next to it when that was done.  We now had a solution; there was proper drainage and a place for students to walk through without destroying the gardens. Next, we started building the bench but we had to dig a hole for the foundation.  I was out there everyday, during my class, helping Don once we got that all dug up he poured the cement and started the brick laying.  I couldn’t help with that because I had never done it before so I hauled bricks for him from the back of the school in a wheelbarrow back and forth. While Don was outside working on the bench I was inside working on my own little project for my bench.  I was making ceramic tiles to be put onto it not only was it for the bench but it was also my entry for the Get to Know contest so I chose the local Great Blue Heron to represent the rivers to oceans them.  The Pacific Octopus, that my friend, Deanna Fenick-Mason, designed, was also chosen to represent the rivers to oceans theme as well. I got my idea to do the Great Blue Heron when we went to Stanley Park on a field trip with Ms. Dunn and Ms. Bacon. We were walking along the sea wall when I spotted the bird sitting on the water close to the shore next to the Vancouver rowing club. We were at the rowing club because we were watching the group Oars Northwest launch off for their big trip rowing around Vancouver Island and we participated in the Get to Know Launch at the Rowing Club.

Natasha Beisel
Grade Twelve
18 years old
Abbotsford, BC

Ars longa, vita brevis..."The art is long, life is short, opportunity fleeting, experiment dangerous, judgement difficult." ~ Hippocrates

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Hi Jean

Haven't had time to sit back and reflect on the project since school's been out.  It was interesting for me to think about the evolvement of the project and who's been involved.  Found it a catharsis to review the year and feel very grateful for all the people who've played big and small roles in the production of another art piece at Bateman.'s the ins and out (and ups and downs), with lots more info than you'd ever need, don't know if you'll have the time (or desire) to read it all, hope it's helpful in some fashion. Sometimes get a little obsessed and focussed, today it was writing what has ended up turning into a multi-page document about the project.  Really appreciate your willingness to showcase one of the projects that we've been working on over several school years.  Thanks for coming out on Friday and taking what will be, without a doubt, another amazing photo of the students.  Lots of people ended up getting roped into this project, so glad no one thus far said "no", or "can't be done", or "not available".   :)  Mary Krupa Clark, Director at Get to Know Program and President at Morningstar Enterprises Inc. has been a great mentor and Steve Carlton, Get to Know Ambassador, Assistant Superintendent at School District No. 34 Abbotsford, and Past Principal at Robert Bateman Secondary School is am amazing cheerleader and supporter of the projects we've been working on.

Steve said he wept when he saw the bench and really wants Bob Bateman to see it too.  Mary really encourage us to promote the project.  Believe it, and the process in which it was completed, honours the original architecture of the school and philosophy of our school's namesake.  It has made the processes of connecting, creating and celebrating with and for our wild neighbours really "concrete".  :)

The new brick bench and walkway outside Robert Bateman Secondary are part of several green and "Get to Know" projects in the school.  They were initiated before my diagnosis with breast cancer and progressed despite and during treatments with chemo, surgery and radiation.  There had to be some remote organization with this project (as well with as the mural project that we started this year) because of some of the chemo treatments.  Really appreciate all the help offered through the whole process.  My TOC, Karli Raine, was present when the students' design proposals went forward.  I was, unfortunately, in isolation in the hospital with a compromised immune system.  The second round of chemo was a rather tougher go than the first.  I had a relatively smooth sailing through the first round of chemo and figured working on this and other things would be good for me: art therapy and occupational therapy.  Karli stepping in for me during this juncture in the project turned out to be awesome.  She enriched the project with having the students create posters for their projects with details about the plants they wanted to use.  The students picked native plants and Sarah Bacon (no relation to the infamous Bacon Bros.) one of our Science teachers, gave feedback on their choices.  Karli organized the students' work for display so everyone could see what was being planned.  Karli was an ex-photography student of mine from Bateman so she was really great when I had to be away during some of the first semester, she knew the place and people.  She was so good that she managed to get a full time position at Mouat teaching her passion in the Fine Arts:  Drama.  Was really thankful she was the TOC during my required absences last semester, through all of the chemo treatments and surgery.  She was a true pro through a tough time and went the extra mile for me and the kids.  She also volunteered with the play at Mouat where she had completed her practicum.  All this during the time she was teaching three art classes at Bateman and teaching lifeguarding and dance classes.  She is a very, very busy and multi-talented woman.  

After framing their drawings for the display, the students created 3D foamcore models of what they planned to create as well as computer drafts using Google Sketchup, an open source 3D modeling software program.  With their digital Sketchup designs, their analog models and the drawings and posters we sought approval for the project.  Al Plantinga, our district's Manager of Building Maintenance, and Jinder Sarowa, our principal, approved of the student plans in a show and tell with the students and the project was allowed to proceed.  All of the Art Foundation students successfully completed their proposals.  It's a great experience for artists to show their plans and go through a presentation.  It's a real-world skill, that we hope they'll have more opportunities in the future for and it was great to practice these skills with this project.  Several of the students' proposal were real stand-outs in the amount of work and thought they had put into their proposals.  They envisioned how their work would improve our campus.  Natasha Beisel and Taylor Main collaborated on an area outside the lower foyer and seemed to have a real interest in making some changes and improvement to the landscape.  Sebastian Phillips, a Studio Art Photography student, took pictures of the all of the models as well as the bricks when they were delivered to the school.  Sebastian was a new student to Bateman, and as well as going the extra step with this project he also helped with the Art Club mural too.  His grandmother, Jo Houghton, helped with the Art Club when I had to be away with chemo as did Sue Federspiel, Community Developer from the City of Abbotsford.  Another story entirely of amazing people stepping up this year to create yet another awesome community project (soon to be unveiled).  There's probably another 20 pages that could be written about the second project that we were working on this year.

Had the good fortune to be able to consult with artists, artisans, colleagues and business people, regarding the sculpture garden project.  Sarah Bacon, our science department head, and local plant pro is an awesome colleague.  Her website alone is incredible ( and she was a crucial support for the project.  Her initiation of the school's greenhouse, starting a green roof on the third floor and her outdoor garden space projects are a constant inspiration.  They are all amazing!  Could imagine a whole story just on what she's done with the kids and the green space on our campus already.  Sarah is an amazing asset on our staff, she is a green genie.  She works magic with the plants and she is a genius with science and the kids.  She has a wicked sense of humor and always appreciate her perspective.  She is a master teacher.  She gave students and myself lots of feedback and support on the project (and loaned us shovels too!).  :) Sarah also agreed to head the Green Team this year when I was going to be off with cancer treatments.  She co-sponsored Green Team last year.  She is another one of the great people who were willing to chip in when the chips were down for me, especially appreciated it when I know she already had tonnes on her plate.  Dave Sagert, one of our math teachers helped the kids with the lesson on volume.  I was away on chemo treatment and frankly am a little math-challenged.  Teaching the art students that lesson - something about being a random-abstract that doesn't compute linear sequential as well - it's a skill I have to work a lot harder at to be decent at - teaching scaling with the Art 9's taxes me on good days.  :)  How to calculate the volume of complex objects precisely in order to say with confidence how much material we needed to create the spaces we wanted was a job that I was happy to have to someone more adept in the Math mode to handle.  Thanks to "Sags" the students all figured out what they needed:  they had the volume of bricks and topsoil too when I returned from treatment.  Al Plantinga from the school district was great with providing maps and info on the area we were planning to dig up.  He was also really helpful when we dug up some surprises that weren't on the plans and had the snow fence out for us very quickly (especially handy when we're digging holes people could potentially walk into and twist an ankle in).  The school custodians, Adrian and Bob, were very patient with all the extra dirt and equipment we tracked in and out of the school.  The Get to Know Unconference in Kelowna last year and Jasper this year added fuel to the creative fire.  It was really exciting to be able to share what the students had planned with other eco-mentors and see what a garden could be and would inspire.  

The gardens at Park & Tilford were another inspiration for this project, my brother and his family live very close to the eight themed gardens,  Frequently visit the gardens when visiting my family in North Vancouver and shared photos of that garden particularly with the students.  There were lots of brick benches, raised gardens and art throughout these gardens.  Though we don't have a wealthy patron like the gardens in North Van (as of yet) to gift the school with acres of lush greenery and elaborate landscaping, believe we have evidence of committed citizens in the initiation of the green spaces on our campus.  Our first memorial garden began when a friend and colleague past away from cancer several years ago and all the soil and plants were donated.  We managed to convince the school district that the campus would be improved with the installations of some grow lights in that rather dark area and frequently our grad class has donated plants to this area too over the years. Have found more than generous donations of time and materials for this newest green space too.

Spoke with Buster Simpson, an world-class eco-artist, before beginning the project and have hopes to someday have him visit our campus and have him advise us further in the outdoor spaces.  Had several long distance conversations with him, he is based out of Seattle.  Had hoped to organize a field trip to see him and his work and also wanted to tour the students through all the public art in our city (  Seattle has 30 plus years on us with public art projects so would be very cool trip to take and I've had students travel to Seattle on art field trips in years past.  However, this cancer thing takes a little bit of the stuffing out of you so ran out of energy and time to get all of that organized.  Managed to get the students to Vancouver and the Reach before we were embroiled in job action and all the extra stuff was shelved UFN anyways.  It was a very tiring year for everyone, so  fatigue was from far more than the chemo treatments.  Hoping for a trip to see Buster again soon and our little project will be the first stop on a public art tour in Abbotsford next year.  :)  It's really nice to be able to plan for more "next years".  :)  Buster is an amazing mentor for outdoor sculptures and eco-art places (  

Buster's work was definitely one of our inspirations.  Before we even had one brick to start, all of the students had seen his work ( last year when I introduced the idea of a sculpture garden to the senior art classes and Sarah has become a fast fan of his work, too.  Had the opportunity to met Buster at the public art forum sponsored by the Reach, on April 6th, in 2011.  Was introduced to Buster by Tamaka Fisher, Arts and Heritage Coordinator at City of Abbotsford and Suzanne Greening, Executive Director of the Reach, who encouraged me to ask Buster to become involved in this project.  Screwed up my courage to ask him after being completely blown away by his work showcased at the forum.  Was sponsoring both Green Team and Art Club for the school at the time, and felt an outdoor space would be a great way to combo the Art Club, the Art classes and the Green Team.   Buster was open to being involved as a consultant and quite possibly an artist-in-residence in the future so I was even more excited about this project.  The mural project that we had just applied for funding for was in the works too - so had quite a few brands in the fire.  

Then on Sunday, April 24th, I found a lump.  On April 29th, I went to the doctor to have it checked out as, within that week, it felt like it was getting seemingly larger and had become painful.  The doctor said it could be a cyst but ordered an ultrasound, a mammogram and a fine needle biopsy in short order (good man!).  May 4th, saw the ultrasound pictures with two lumps and figured:  that does not look good.  :( Having seen plenty of pictures of cancer when prepping slides for medical lectures  when I was a photo tech at the U of A had a bit of clue of what was an ominous dark shadow that you didn't want to see.  When the ultrasound technician put x's and y's measurements with longer dimension on one axis than the other, figured at that point, I was in trouble-city.  When the "cyst" had had no response to antibiotics I had started the week before went back to the doctor with a noticeable red mark now on my breast and noted discharge as well, asked doctor if the antibiotics were not really useful at this point for what was likely the cause of my discomfort and he concurred.  Went to the cancer clinic and asked if they had a copy of the "Intelligent Patient's Guide to Breast Cancer" and was handed the frosted portfolio that is de rigueur for new BC patients.  May 12, mammogram on the right side hurt like hell, the other side, not too much at all.  On May 13th, the unbelievable fact that the first lump I had ever felt in my breast was cancerous was confirmed and there were more than one lump in the right breast: rats, rats, rats.  The mammogram found seeds of tumors along the ducts along with the two lumps, was getting scary and scarier test results with each appointment.  The doctor informed me I would very likely be dealing with a mastectomy and was reassuring about reconstruction and treatment.  He had survived skin cancer and lymphoma at the same time - so he was very empathetic!  May 17th, had a biopsy scheduled instead of the planned visit to Robert Bateman's studio where I was going to share the sculpture garden plans with our school's namesake.  May 24th, my brother's (and Bateman's) birthday, found out it was stage 3, aggressive AND invasive - all three terms not ones you like to hear in combination with the word cancer - yikes!  Put EVERYTHING ELSE in stasis until I could process all of that.  a CT scan, a MUGA scan, oncology and dental appointments proceeded one after the other.  With the bone scan results on June 13th, found out it was not Stage 4.  YEAAAAH!  Finally, a test result with good news.  A portacath was installed, the infection from that surgery was under control after intravenous IV's day and night for a week and chemo started a week later than originally planned on June 15th.  Felt like I could begin to take up things that had been put on a complete holding pattern for a month whilst I was processing my sudden and very likely lengthy involvement with the medical system.  Started an ArtStarts grant application for the project which unfortunately, we were not successful candidates for this year, (will try again next year).  We already had funds from our small but mighty Green Team, the district award and provincial Green Games prize, was hopeful that those funds would be enough to seed the project's beginning.  

I joined a breast cancer survivor dragonboat team and went on The Walk to End Women's Cancer in August and meet quite a few more survivors.  Began to feel more and more determined that I'd beat this and not have to let go of the projects that still seemed somewhat important to see continue after having a cancer diagnosis.  Looking down on potentially fatal lumps in your chest for eight months doing chemo and having to wait for surgery to get rid of them gives you a radically different perspective on things and priorities change, a lot!  Know people who haven't beat this thing but didn't plan on being one of them (hoped like hell I would be on the plus side of the super survival rates in the breast cancer stats).  Luck would have it, I live 9 minutes away from the, then, three-year-old regional cancer centre in the best place in the world to have cancer with the most common type of breast cancer: ductal carcinoma.  After, fund raising and completing the 32 km walk, on August 13th, whilst undergoing chemo, felt more and more comfortable with putting other things other than cancer stuff back on my plate.    My mom and aunt had both traveled to BC to be here for support and with all of my family behind me, was feeling pretty confident that I would be able to continue to organize a couple of pretty cool art projects along with medical treatments and teaching - think the drugs they give you to combat the fatigue and nausea definitely helped and buoyed my hopes of re-establishing some normalcy to life, now living with cancer.  Really amazed how well the treatments progressed and how good I felt most of the time over the summer.  The cancer had stopped growing exponentially and it was causing less and less pain with every treatment.  Was completely okay with the hair loss.  Brother and husband both had an opportunity to give me a very short buzz cut each time the hair started to fall out.  Would highly recommend for anyone about to get chemo to do this - your hair follicles hurt when the hair is dead and still hanging on.

In the summer, balder than a baby from chemo, I visited Dave Humphries, Operations Manager at Clayburn and took a look at the brick that the company would be willing to donate to the school.  For what we had planned, Dave advised of what we would need and the company okayed the delivery of the free materials to the school.  Lee Murray, HOFA's past owner, was the guy who put that bug in my ear, how brilliant!  :)  Material for an outdoor garden created with historic brick from a factory closing that part of their manufacturing the summer before we plan to start construction - the timing was perfect!  Except for the getting cancer part, everything fell into place like it was meant to be.  Our feeder school named after the historic factory town, makes it even better - so many students already know the history of the Clayburn bricks.  The clay was mined and fired locally, which is very, very cool for an eco-art project.  Dave was so helpful and a great resource person for a lot of my initial questions.  The brick was delivered to the school (not cheap, I learned, moving brick) in October.  Had been told that the real cost was coming with the construction.  The donated brick was delivered when I was in isolation from chemo treatments again, so there was some remote delegation of where to put multiple palettes of bricks.  Kevin Lloyd, our Automotives teacher, has put up with the palettes parked in the automotive yard almost all year (and likely a few more years to come).

After securing the materials for the project, I started researching brick masonry.  Found a really amazing guy!  Don Macbeth, advised that we should start construction in the spring.  He was the brick mason for one of the art benches that is in downtown Abbotsford (  Lee Murray had talked to me about this project too.  Don offered to help and supervise with our project!  :) Was so happy the day I meet Don, the possibility that the project could come to fruition this year seemed now within grasp.  January had surgery, so was off work for a bit there.  Had a plastic surgeon and surgeon who did all three procedures in the same surgery working together so now only have two minor surgeries upcoming and was ready to return to work three weeks after surgery.  Would highly recommend having a mastectomy and reconstruction at the same time, never had experienced the trauma of having a breast and then not having a breast.  Woke up from surgery and still had a wee boob.  Not having to endure several major surgeries was also a good plan.  Had to go to Richmond for that but found out my surgeon came from Abbotsford too.  It's a small, small world.  He was so cute, trying to get a hold of me so he could be the first to tell me the great prognosis after the surgery.  The oncologist and I had a meeting scheduled before I got his call and she had the opportunity to shared the unbelievably good news: no cancer in the lymph nodes!  I have a better than 90% survival rate for the next decade!!  Yippee, yahoo!!  Returned to work 1/2 time in second semester as February and March were scheduled for radiation every day.  A spring start for the big art project would be great!  Radiation was finished on March 13th (Mom's birthday).  April, May, June the Herceptin treatments would continued and Tamoxiphen and the Metformin clinical trail would be started.  Had so many appointments and an arm that froze up on me after radiation so continued 1/2 time for the rest of the year.  Did some work hardening in the afternoons on the advice of my occupational therapist, Frances Johnson (another amazing lady!) and had another great TOC during this time, Natasha Froese, who let the art students she was supervising in the afternoons partake in the big art project too.  She was, quite literally at one point, my right hand gal and so great with the kids and awesome with me during my rehab with all the up's and down's with different treatment side effects and the plethora of appointments.  My treatments were, for the most point, scheduled in the afternoons.  The cancer centre was very supportive of my plans for occupational therapy.  I managed the classes in the morning (even with a gimpy arm) and wasn't quite frankly able to do much on the outdoor project at that time.  Don, was AWESOME though through this and we continued as planned with the days and times he was available to visit the school.  He's done so many projects around the lower mainland, he has had a hand in a lot of the buildings in Abbotsford, both public and private.  He brought in photos of one of his residential projects to show the students.  That job involved stone that had been recycled from a building in the states and had been used in as ballast in ships, crossing the oceans many times.  Historic pieces and grand designs in brick were nothing new for Don.  He has fantastic dedication to the job, he is extremely hard-working, and very particular about craftpersonship.  He is also a fan of getting kids outdoors!  He had a great deal of patience with the process and was flexible with the input from the softscape expert (Sarah) and the hardscape neophytes (myself and the students) and pretty understanding of my situation and the limitations I was dealing with.

The project began in earnest in April, almost a year after my first diagnosis.  The sidewalk and bench were constructed by Don primarily and our digging for the foundation work was, well, amateur, so Don had to do some digging too.  I was newly ham-strung with a really painful obstruction in my shoulder joint (less than 15% mobility) after radiation was over and was still working on mobility and strength with the underarm after the axillary dissection in January so was not able to be of much help in the beginning.  The students lifted all the pavers from the area where the outdoor classroom is planned to go so the pavers that are in the new area were used from the old pavers.  We're doing the four R's as much as possible with this project.  Don's a waste-not, want-not person too so we were pretty much on the same page with the project.  He was totally on board with using the old pavers in the new sidewalk and recycling the old concrete as filler.  With many helpful hands, the Art 9 through 12 students were involved in all parts of the construction of the sidewalk and bench.  From the digging of the holes, to the casting of the sand to fill the space between the pavers, the students have had an opportunity for insights into the process of creating the brick structures.  The art students were pretty thrilled to be the first to walk on the sidewalk and sit on the bench.  Natasha is looking forward to seeing the top dressing in September to her design area with next year's Sustainable Resources class.  Natasha will be taking her experience with the SR class and this project this year forward into her apprenticeship in Horticulture next year!  

One of the most hard-working, helpful hands you can imagine has been Don Macbeth, who has donated his handiwork and expertise to the curved pathway, the foundations and brickwork that have really jazzed up our lower entrance.  Don has been an incredible fount of knowledge and an unbelievable source of stamina and strength to complete this project.  Students and teachers have had the benefit of the many years of experience as a brick artisan that Don has brought to the school.  He is really strong too!  He can move cement blocks that I had to get the Strength and Conditioning 12 students to relocate.  I couldn't budge them an inch (may be the recovery from surgery, may be the dead weight lift limitations I had before surgery).  Figured most of the students would hurt themselves attempting to haul them out of the way.  Don threw a pick in the middle of the cement block and hauled it around like a puppy on a leash.  He pushed it out of the way for the photo op yesterday too so it wasn't just the physics of leverage.  Almost 50 years slinging stone equals one very strong septuagenarian.  We found several large, round, cement foundations, poured likely for flagpoles, in the ground where Taylor's bench is currently planned to be.  We've planned to re-purpose them for foundations for future sculptures.   The cement border that was on the edge of the existing pavement that we had to pull up in order to put down the foundation we put inside the bench structure so we used less cement to fill the bench.  There's some cement edges saved for Taylor's benches to be filler waiting in the art classroom for next year.  Some of the old sprinkler system pipes that we dug up will be used for stretchers for a batik banner project, but that's another story, yet another project for next year.  Planning on many "next years" to come.  :)  Metal parts from the old wooden benches that have been damaged and worn out have been re-purposed into new benches that were part of an artist-in-residence in 2010 with Carmen McKay.  Those benches reside inside the lower entrance and were also student-designed and feature student art as a part of them.  

The brick and pavers were moved several times as we progressed and as we found better places to store them.  The students were pretty helpful and I didn't hear many grumbles.  We moved materials in short shifts with everyone helping so it didn't seem like onerous work.  We used the leather gloves that were donated by George Keys from Blue Ribbon Marketing to protect our hands and lifted enough pavers to create the sidewalk.  Taylor Campbell and Kurt McNeil were very enthusiastic diggers when it came to the foundation for the bench!  Both were far ahead of their peers on their soapstone sculptures and enjoyed helping outside on a one of the rare sunny days we had this spring.  Natasha and Deanna did a lot of digging and moving dirt for the sidewalk and first bench.  Taylor Main and Sabrina Brandt did several days shoveling for Taylor's planned foundation.
 Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 6.20.12 AM.png
Taylor put together a form for her foundation, a learning process she willingly explored in her Independent Directed Study block.  Taylor also learned how to make a metal ring in the last few weeks of classes, and wore it for grad.  All of the students were pretty good this year and continued to focus on their projects and worked with Don and myself with good senses of humor and were cooperative and kind to each other.  It may have been being a tad more relaxed about things (see:  cancer perspective) but found for some reason, most of the "Gradetwelvitis" symptoms where students run out of steam before they are actually finished the year were held at bay.  Natasha was hoping her bench would be finished by the time the grad tea happened so her parents could see it but the weather did not cooperate with us.  The cool days may have contributed to more focus on the tasks at hand and less daydreaming and unsanctioned trips to the lake too so the rain had an upside for class work but a down side for the work outside.    

The bricks had to be moved from the back lot where they are stored to the lower entrance and all of the Art students were very helpful with this.  Some days Don got ahead of us and moved the bricks too.  Don showed the students a cool tool that allowed us to move six bricks at once!  Every day it was sunny, Don would drive his truck onto the site and work some pretty long days to get as much done on the project as the weather would permit.  Every time they could, the Sculpture and Ceramic  students helped too.  Don is a ticketed tradesperson and he is willing to teach students who would like to enroll in work experience in brick laying next year.  He is retired and now works on his fixing up his property.  We really appreciated his "unretirement" for this project and putting his home projects on hold this spring.  I was pretty tired from cancer treatments some of the time and tied up with medical appointments a lot of the afternoons but on days I felt pretty energetic, was able to move pavers, pick rocks and moved some dirt with the students too.  Think I was fast asleep at 6 pm most of those days, however.  Another day I ground bolts off of cement pads to clear the path for Taylor's foundation, so we didn't leave all the hard stuff for Don.  :) Every day Don was at the school, we learned something new and planned the next steps.  Don brought most of the supplies to the site, which was much appreciated (especially after the steel rebar left red rust tracks all over my vehicle).  He also was able to estimate most of the material required very accurately, I only had to run out get more concrete once for pouring the second foundation.  The dirt piled outside the art classrooms will soon be used to fill Taylor's raised gardens in her bench design, slated to start in September.  Taylor's younger brother will be in an Art class next year so it'll be neat to have another Main family member continue the garden legacy.

The student-designed structures are part of a Green Team initiative to continue to "green" the school.  Natasha Beisel and Taylor Main's design for several new areas to protect and improve the living green spaces of our campus have been the first to be chosen to be constructed.  Natasha, enrolled in several art classes as well as the Sustainable Resources class over this semester and last, planned a pathway for students through the trees which echoes the round curves of the school's theatre space and lower entrance overhang.  Having a path will prevent the ground from being cemented by foot traffic and allow the rainwater better access.  Managing water run-off on site is more environmentally friendly.  The design of the bench and pathway also had to consider the existing plants.  Vine Maples roots had to be respected and Pacific Rhododendrons grow on either side of the walkway.  Both plants are native to our region, another environmentally friendly consideration that will be showcased in the new raised gardens soon to be constructed as part of Taylor's bench design, who's foundation has just been poured.  "Juneuary's" cool, wet days did not allow for many days for bricklaying.  We broke ground for the pathway on April 26th, the same day Mr. Bateman came to visit the school this year and the first bench's foundation was poured on May 16th.  The large L-shaped bench was finished after prom and the foundation for Taylor's bench was finished around June 20th.  The art gardens plan to incorporate sculptures by RBSS students and the bench is a functional sculpture.  As well as seating areas to relax in, benches that will allow students to work outside are in the works.  Pavers have been raised beside the new pathway for this outdoor classroom space and there are plans for a community garden as part of this space too.  Existing community garden leaders have offered seeds to start the new garden at Bateman and a local farmer has offered to contribute topsoil.  Community members who would be willing to sponsor the continuation of the "growing" space would be very much appreciated.  We'd like to continue building the projects and even with all the volunteer hours and donated materials, the construction of the new structures runs into many hundreds of dollars.  Though expensive, It's a pretty permanent and really neat legacy to see come to fruition.  

The bench currently showcases two art students' work in clay as well as showcasing a student's designed for seating, our first functional garden feature.  Deanna Fenick-Mason and Natasha Beisel, senior Ceramic and Sculpture 12 students, created a Great Blue Heron and a North Pacific Octopus plaster cast designs this semester.  These were slip-cast into several ceramic tiles and fired in the kiln on campus.  The tile were each hand-coloured with glaze and fired again.  All eight tiles that made it through the first firing turned out so there were extra tiles.  The casts are being kept on campus so that if the tiles are damaged over the years they can be replaced.  The tiles were entries into this year's Get to Know Your Wild Neighbour's Contest ( and the students' work together showcases this year's theme of the contest:  "Rivers to Oceans". (  Don created custom cut-outs in the bench to fit each tile perfectly.  The tiles are repeated, one heron, one octopus, one heron, on the North side of the bench - one octopus, one heron, one octopus on the West side.  Three tiles are tall and vertical, like the heron's legs and three tiles are long and horizontal, like the octopus' tentacles.   River, ocean, river, ocean, river, ocean forms a pattern:  a visual representation of the connection of the different ecosystems and the constant recycling in the water cycle.

The Great Blue Heron, the largest heron in North American, is a denizen of the Fraser River nearby and the Giant Pacific Octopus, is the largest octopus and lives in our coastal oceans.  Deanna and Natasha both attended the Get to Know Regional Launch Event at Coal Harbour and found inspiration there.  Two Bateman Secondary national winners in the contest, Kaitlyn Ambury and Sora Yoon, were showcased at the launch and all of the students attending the event participated in the creation of an ocean mural.  The six national winning designs from this contest from Bateman will be featured in a mural soon to be painted across from Palfy Park, but that's another story that I'll ramble about another day.  :)  It was at the Vancouver Rowing Club where Natasha saw a heron on the Walk for Wildlife at Stanley Park, during National Wildlife Week.  Deanna and Natasha also saw Adam Kreek, the world class Olympic Gold Medalist who was starting an ocean rowing expedition in the Salish Sea ( that day too.  

As Adam and his team, OAR Northwest, circled Vancouver Island "aboard the world's most technologically advanced ocean rowboat" ( video and the blog entries of their travels were streamed into the RBSS Art classrooms.  A display in the front foyer of the school showcased the row, Get to Know and the growing green projects in the school.  The Get to Know contest is also featured on our school's website.  Walks to Palfy Park and Stoney Creek provided more creative connections to nature close to home.  During one field trip, Robert Bateman, renown naturalist artist, joined the students sketching in the park.  It was a pretty soggy morning but students were gamely sketching and painting.  In the afternoon, Robert visited the science students with Sarah and learned about green initiatives in the school.  On sunnier days, we brought cameras and cell phones out to the local park (which Sarah has had our school adopt the stream within the park).  We went to the Get to Know Celebration at the Beatty Biodiversity Museum this year too, saw Kaitlyn Ambury being recognized for her win in the Get to Know contest and were awestruck by the skeleton of the Great Blue Whale there.  Many students entered the Get to Know contest and showcased their work on ( that were inspired from nature.  It's hoped that some of the Get to Know designs will decorate the planned coffers in Taylor's bench design.  James Reinheller, Art 9 student, who recently volunteered with Clayburn Village's Heritage Days and helped outside of class time on this project is very enthusiastic about the gardens and would love to see a water feature added to the plans.  James also created a Great Blue Heron print for the Get to Know contest, inspired by their beautiful markings and photographs taken at the Heron Nature Reserve in Chilliwack.  Anyone can see the herons live at the webcam:  Took my niece there this Earth day, another amazing place to commune with nature in the Fraser Valley.  They have several eco-artsie events upcoming:  Meet the Night Shift on July 25, 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm and their 10th  Anniversary Gala Dinner and Concert, Friday September 7, 2012.

The garden feature we built this semester will add to the green spaces already in full flower on the East side of the school.  These were initiated by Sarah Bacon, Sustainable Resources teacher and Green Team co-sponsor.  Without the school's Green Team  ( this West side project would not have came into existence.  Dasha Kotlyakov, one of the Art 10 students involved in the project says, "The Green Team is a helpful hand to everyone in the community".  Collecting compost, sponsoring a community clean-up and donating school-raised vegetables to the food bank, the school's Green Team has had a very successful third year.  This year's valedictorians were both green team leaders!  Green Team funds, won in provincial and district contests over the last few years, along with the art mural funds raised by volunteers painting at Lepp Farm Market have built the beginning of the outdoor classroom, planned for the grey space by the lower entrance of the school.  The materials used to build the new seating area were obtained locally, from the old Clayburn brick factory.  Using locally made bricks, also helps the community, showcasing the materials and manufacturing that has had a long history in Abbotsford.  The bricks were donated to the school by Clayburn Industrial Group.  The brick donation was organized last summer before the brick factory closed.  Clayburn Industrial group has donated approximately $16,000.00 worth of brick.  The rebar, cement and mortar was bought locally.  Dasha remarks, "supporting local business owners in our area and the money spent here stays here (helping the economy).   Using bricks to build community gardens is eco-friendly.  Bricks need minimal maintenance and can withstand very extreme weather".  They also last a long, long time, making them a good choice for the hardscape construction for the green space.  Dasha also adds, "building an outdoor classroom really helps raise awareness and knowledge of nature. Outdoor classrooms provide students with an experience, an area to explore, a place to discover and an opportunity to be aware of the creatures in the environment. By discovering what the outside environment has to offer kids, they will want to be outdoors more and become much more healthy, they will learn more about different species of plants and learn what the plants can be used for.  The Green Team helps raise awareness of nature. Bringing attention to the environment, helps people realize how to help sustain it, and become more aware of different ways nature can help them.  Raising awareness of the environment and building outdoor classrooms, really helps the community in many different ways. Imagine if every school in Canada started a Green Team project, think of how much the environment and people would benefit!"  Megan Wensley, an Art 9 students also involved in the project exclaims:  "Less gray, more green! The fight for the awareness of the importance of green space continues...plant the idea of the project and then let it sprout... "

Jaylene Shirman, Photo 11 student, went to the site of the old Clayburn Brick Factory where you can see the foundation of the factory and original bricks from over one hundred years ago. p
She took photos of the area and she, along with Katie Wang and Megan Wensley, Art 9 students (who were also involved in the garden project), created a video showcasing the project: over the summer.  The girls went to the Clayburn Village Store and Tea Room as part of the research of the history of the bricks.  The tea room was a yummy treat in history.  Katie, a new Abbotsford resident, had never been to the village and has an appreciation for part of Abbotsford's history and many students have been part of the legacy's continuation at Robert Bateman Secondary's new functional sculpture garden.  The soil that was mined for bricks is now part of our school's permanent  landscaping.  Rock, trees and sky play important features in the beautiful architecture of our school.  Our school's exterior colour was chosen to be part of the same hue of the local soil, a colour chosen by Robert Bateman so the school would look like it belonged in environment it was raised upon, respecting the nature it was part of.  Nature was planned to be within and around the school.  The aesthetic and historic coincide beautifully with the study of the natural world in our school.  A confluence of ideas and concrete projects also evident in our latest addition to the campus: a sculpture garden that builds on the beauty, the environment and the community of and surrounding the school.

Outdoor classroom and community gardens on Robert Bateman campus

Teacher Sponsor:  Sherry Dunn

Brick mason:  Don Macbeth,
Volunteered weeks of work to complete pathway, bench, and foundations for benches and raised flower beds

Sustainable Resources Consultant:  Sarah Bacon
Public Art Consultant:  Buster Simpson
Math Consultant: Dave Sagert

Clayburn Brick Factory: all bricks were donated to the school before the historic brick factory closed down
Consultant:  Dave Humphries

Lepp Farm Market:  Christmas window commission, 2011 & 2010
BC Green Games: provincial prize RBSS Green Team 2011
District Green Team:  silver prize 2010
Artist-in-Residence: SD #34 2012

Students involved in designing garden project proposals
Art Foundation 11: Derek Braun, Alicia Browne, Trevan Bushman, Shantel Caller, Han Seo Cho, Alyssa Dass, Kyle Giske, Rachel Heppner, Marie Krayenhoff, Morgan Nickel, Jessie Nyl, Shayla
Art Foundation 12:  Hannah Carruthers, Sabrina Friesen,

Student designers of new lower entry garden areas:
Taylor Main -  Art Foundations 12 and Natasha Beisel - Art Foundations 12

Students involved in creating custom tile with "Rivers to Oceans" Get to Know Your Wild Neighbours theme
Deanna Fenick-Mason - Ceramics and Sculpture 12 and Natasha Beisel - Ceramics and Sculpture 12

Senior students involved in foundations, moving dirt, moving bricks:
Natasha Beisel - Ceramics and Sculpture 12, Deanna Fenick-Mason - Ceramics and Sculpture 12, Sarina Brandt - IDS, Taylor Main - IDS

Students involved in lifting pavers, collecting rocks, moving bricks and pavers:
Art 9:  Kalie Adamson, Sarah Barausse, Brad Bergen, Neesha Brar (also involved in Art Club Mural), Nicholas Bullett, Sharon Chandra, Tyra Chretien, Juliana  Columb, Justin Davies, Michael de Jong, Michael Doull, Maisie Falconer, Kelsey Forster, Marissa Gurin, Ju Hee Han, Hayley Hurtubise, Haeun Jeong, Rachelle Kennedy-Gidlof, Keaton Kirkwood, Sarah Marsh, Megan McKellar, Arden Mills, Conner Morgan, Daylan Pritchard, James Reinheller, Tara Roadhouse,  Janelle Roed, Keira Shepherd, Devin Stuart, Gwen Topacio, Rebekah van der Kuur,  Aubrie Verleur, Katie Wang, Megan Wensley, James Wilcox, Victoria Wilson, Austen Zacher

Students involved in lifting pavers, digging foundations, moving dirt, moving bricks and pavers:
Art 10:  Mia Anderson, Taylor Campbell, Katelyn Dieleman, Ty Emmerson, Jenna-Mary Evans, Amanda Hiebert, Tiffany Jackson, Hyesoo Kim, Raehyun Kim, Dasha Kotlyakov, Hyerin Lee, Youjin Lee, Kevin Liu, Nichelle Martens, Sarah McGennis, Kurt McNeil, Judy Nghiem, Ashley Robin, Melissa Strating, Shauna Supeene, Mikaela Thoutenhoofd,

Students involved in moving bricks and pavers:
Drawing and Painting 11:  Rafaela Barros, Guliana Carrapito, Ahnyunga Choi, Aanalea Dyck, Tori Hackett, Jesse Isaak, Lauren Jones, Morgan Nickel, Demi Shen,

Student Assistants:  Ally Kirkwood (Ceramics and Sculpture 11) and James Reunheller (Art 9)

Students involved in post-production projects:
Video Production:  Megan Wensley, (Art 9) Katie Wang (Art 9) and Jaylene Sirman (Photo 11)
Art Projects Articles: Natasha Beisel ( (Ceramics and Sculpture 12, Art Foundations 12) , Megan Wensley (Art 9), Dasha Kotlyakov (Art 9), Sebastian Phillips (Studio Art Photography 11)
Art Project Interview:  Lauren Jones (Drawing and Painting 11)
Photography:  Jaylene Shirman (Photo 11), Taylor Main (IDS, Art Foundations 12, Studio Art Photography 12) and Sebastian Phillips (Studio Art Photography 11)

Cassie deJong and Lauren Jones met Mr. Bateman and Wyland at the Get to Know Ambassadors celebration of the dedication of Wyland's mural for the Olympics.  Wyland is the US Olympic Team's Offical Artist and both Mr. Bateman and Wyland are strong advocates for the environment.  Cassie and Lauren were chosen among a group of students whose written  submissions outlined why they wanted to meet Robert Bateman.  Lauren and Cassie had the opportunity to not only meet Mr. Bateman but also climb the scaffold alongside the mural and speak with and watch Wyland add the Olympic rings to the large scale mural.  Most of the people entering Vancouver for the games will see this mural as they travel across the Granville Street bridge.  Wyland is in the Guiness Book of World Records as having painted the largest mural by one person.  Wyland paints the animals from the sea the same size as they are in reality so we can get a sense of the scale of whales.  He is currently filming a documentary in Antartica, highlighting the Killer Whales and other sea creatures that are the "canaries in the coal mine" for changes in the environment.  Killer Whales are apex predators like us, so many of the toxins that are in the whales have been also found at high levels in our bodies too.  Both of the artists that the students met are not only talented, well-established artists but they are very involved and generous of their time and talents in many environmental foundations and passionate about causes that educate youth about the ecology.   (I can forward pics, Rob has them too)

go canada go.jpgT-shirt featuring SoRa Yoon's Olympic Live Site Winning Design
Student Artwork for Digital Quilt:

        1.[Image:cassie de jong DAY 101.jpg]    2[Image:Ally Kirkwood023.jpg]   3[Image:amandaCIMG0359.jpg]     4[Image:ANNA VISSER DAY 101 .jpg]       5[Image:CMS Taylor Brekelmans-jump.jpg] 6[Image:AVSHeather Marion1.jpg] 7[Image:caessia Muirhead Day 101.jpg]   8[Image:Ally Kirkwood011.jpg]   9[Image:hillary allenday 101.jpg]       10
[Image:annepeirce day 101.jpg]  11
[Image:HOLLYDAY101 copy.jpg]    12
[Image:hannah blackwell 2.jpg]  13
[Image:Hannah CarruthersP9220690.jpg]   14
[Image:Hannah CarruthersPA090755.jpg]   15
[Image:hillary allen dayDAY111111.jpg]  16
[Image:CMS Alex Bischoff.jpg]   17
[Image:elly kim day 101.jpg]    18
[Image:kianna canninguntiltle.jpg]      19
[Image:jesse isaak day 101.jpg] 20
[Image:Jessica WarkentinGod's throneroom.jpg]   21
[Image:michelle ellis after the rain.jpg]       22
[Image:ria ma day 101.jpg]      23
[Image:nick hill day 101.jpg]   24
[Image:Lauren Jones Day 101 sketch.jpg] 25
[Image:lauren jones2.jpg]       26
[Image:jina Piercy day 101.jpg] 27
[Image:Milicaforest.jpg]        28
[Image:jonah ott day 101.jpg]   29
[Image:WJM JoeyLevesque2.jpg]   30
[Image:WJMJessica Warkentinsunflower.jpg]       31
[Image:stephanie dong day 101.jpg]      32
[Image:WJMCara Park 03.jpg]     33
[Image:WJMHaileyFaulks.jpg]     34
[Image:UFV Amberjot Brar1.jpg]  35
[Image:WJM Jennifer Friesen.png]        36
[Image:nicole lang day 101 .jpg]        

[Image:WJMCaitlyn Neufeld 1.jpg]        38
[Image:WJMCaitlyn Neufeld 2.jpg]        39
[Image:WJMCaitlyn Neufeld 4.jpg]        40
[Image:WJMDanay Robinson copy.jpg]      41
[Image:StephDongSlide21.jpg]    42
[Image:StephDonglide2.jpg]      43
[Image:WJMHaileyFaulks2.jpg]    44
[Image:WJMJessica WarkentinArtists at work.jpg] 45
[Image:WJMJessica WarkentinDiscovery Trail boardwalk.jpg]       46
[Image:WJMJessica WarkentinFish Trap lookout.jpg]       47
[Image:WJMJessica Warkentinleaf.jpg]    48
[Image:Sora Yoon Day 101.jpg]   49
[Image:WJMCiara Crocker.jpg]    50
[Image:Hannah CarruthersPA090753.jpg]   51
[Image:jesse isaak11.jpg]       52
[Image:WJMNoah Moorhouse 1.jpg] 53
[Image:amandaCIMG0052.jpg]      54

        [Image:With Glowing Hearts poster 8.5 x 11.jpg] [Image:with glowing hearts entry form.jpg]      

March 5th, RBSS @the Reach!

        [Image:GTK Poster4.jpg] 

February:  Gold Metal  in Graphic Art!

   [Image:Rachel @ BC Skills.jpg]

Rachel Dupiton placed first in the regional BC skills competition in Graphic Art and Pre-Press Production.  Rachel will represent Bateman in the Provincials!!  This is the second metal win for Bateman in the first two years of entering the competition and our first gold in this category.

Rachel created a poster for the competition with a choice of photographs and the assignment to be bold in a design for a nightclub.  Rachel, not afraid to think outside the box, made the choice to have her design in the unusual horizontal format and created striking, strong vertical lines across her design.  Her poster design is illustrated at right and shows a stunning level of pizzazz and professionalism.  Awesome work, Rachel!  We are very proud of your accomplishment and wish you the best of luck as you advance to the Provincial BC Skills Contest at Tradex.
[Image:Rachel Gold Winner BC Skills.jpg]        

[Image:bc skills logo.jpg]
[Image:bc skills.jpg]   
Nov. 14th, 2008:  Robert Bateman Student in MAA show
Mission Artists Association's Fall Show: "Colours"
This art show lasts from Nov. 12 to the 29th (gallery hours: 1 to 4, Tuesday to Saturday) at the Mission Art Gallery (1st and Catherwood).
[Image:MAG direction.png]
It's a three-story historic house, painted yellow and blue, opposite to "Mr. Pets" on hwy 7.  Parking is available on the north and east side of the house, off the hwy.

The Opening Night is Friday, the 14th of November from 7 pm to 9 pm.  The artists will be in attendance as well as food, beverages and music.  In the show there are pieces by a Robert Bateman staff member and a RBSS student alongwith eighteen other MAA members.  The student's artwork is also featured in the advertising for the MAA show.  As well, Emily Starkey (RBSS Grade 11 student) has her work published in the Toronto Dominion Bank's national calendar.  We're very proud of her accomplishments and hope you'll bookmark an evening to see upandcoming artists.

        [Image:Picture 2.png]   

Detail of Emily's acrylic painting on the front cover
RBSS art students are involved in calendar sales for fundraising.  This year there are two calendars to choose from.  For $18.00 you could have the Robert Bateman's 2009 Calendar that Mr. Bateman gratiously signed for the school this year.  For $12.00 you could purchase the Robert Bateman Get to Know Calendar that Mr. Bateman also signed as well being signed by two RBSS students.  The two students' artwork has been chosen from 5000 entries throughout Canada to feature in Feb. and May in the GTK Calendar.  Yun Yun Lee (RBSS Grad 2008) is a national finalist and Ria Ma (RBSS Grade 10) is an honourary mention in the GTK contest.

        [Image:Picture 3.png]   [Image:Picture 4.png]   [Image:Picture 1.png]              Yun-Yun Lee's scraffito ladybug                Ria Ma's Canada Geese Linocut
        Mr. Bateman signing his 2009 calendars at the school alongwith Art Club members and the Bateman "calendar girls".       
The Robert Bateman Art Club members are selling the RB calendars and the GTK calendars.  Let us know if you'd like to have calendars that support our schools, the Canadian Wildlife Foundation as well as being printed on recycled paper and environmentally friendly inks.  They are great "green" Christmas gifts!    

Sherry Dunn
604-864-0220 ext. 4370

Nov. 7th, 2008:  Robert Bateman Calendar Signing
Robert Bateman visited our school for several hours, generously donating his time to sign our schools calendars for fundraising efforts in the school.  He answers questions and told fascinating stories of his life and art while signing over four hundred calendars.

[Image:Picture 6.png]
[Image:Picture 7.png]  

[Image:Picture 16.png]
Jewellery Show
Brian Lee of Lee's Jewellery will be showcasing the work by Art Metal and Jewellery Students Jenny, Tai, Breanna, Brandon, and Des from June 22 to July 3rd in the front display case of his store.  We would like to thank Brian for his generous support of our school's program.  Brian has organized a jewellery work experience for Bateman students in his store with professional goldsmiths.  Brian was a guest speaker in class and gave our students silver necklaces and emeralds(!), Brian began a jewellery scholarship ($1000) this year for students as well featured our students in several articles in the newspaper.  He has an art show celebration dinner planned for the students.  He has demonstrated incredible generousity to the community and our students - Wow, and THANKS!!!

Art Club

        [Image:art club723.jpg] Art Club Members, Fran Kim (Art Club '05-'06, '06-'07), Clara Kim (Art Club '05-'06, '06-'07), and Tai Lee (Art Club '06-'07), stand proudly beside the Art Club Metal Mural.  We wish the Art Club grads all the best in their future endevours and thank them for all their hard work over the last two years:  great work!  Natalie Ellis (not pictured - Art Club '05-'06, '06-'07), will be the student leader for next year's project.  We wish her a speedy recovery and look forward to her return to Bateman.  
Abbotsford Police Donation

        Sargeant Keith Nutbrown has gone above and beyond the call of duty in organizing the donation of photo equipment and supplies to Robert Bateman's photo program.  We would like to thank his work in advocating for our program and students and the City of Abbotsford for their transfer of supplies and equipment to our students.  Our photo program's future has been assured with this super sargent and the city coming to the rescue - huge THANKS!!!   [Image:police donation689.jpg]  

July 1st to the 31st: Art Show
Former Bateman Grad, Laura Henderson, has had her photos from Africa chosen to be on display at Ethical Addictions Coffee House all of July

at the
        [Image:grad2211 c and j.jpg]    [Image:grad IMG_2214stilts.jpg] [Image:grad IMG_2216stilts.jpg] [Image:grad IMG_2251sn & ac.jpg]        [Image:grad IMG_2212.jpg]       [Image:grad IMG_2244at.jpg]     [Image:gradIMG_2231really have video.jpg]       [Image:gradIMG_2226second place.jpg]    Grad
2007    [Image:grad IMG_2213.jpg]       [Image:grad IMG_2215.jpg]       [Image:grad IMG_2229 teacher speech.jpg]        [Image:grad IMG_2224doorstop.jpg]       [Image:grad IMG_2235 bc.jpg]    [Image:grad thongIMG_2219.jpg]  [Image:grad IMG_2221muzzle.jpg] [Image:gradIMG_2227clean.jpg]   [Image:gradIMG_2249bhbains.jpg] [Image:gradIMG_2230have video.jpg]      [Image:gradIMG_2232a & j.jpg]   [Image:gradIMG_2260jenny and breanna.jpg]       [Image:gradIMG_2308dancegirlson stage.jpg]       [Image:gradIMG_2238ss.jpg]      [Image:gradIMG_2239ss2.jpg]     [Image:gradIMG_2234a& date.jpg] [Image:grad IMG_2233 b & a.jpg] [Image:gradIMG_2250se & rl.jpg] [Image:gradIMG_2242hf2.jpg]     [Image:gradIMG_2304hf4.jpg]     [Image:gradIMG_2321dance ble.jpg]       [Image:gradIMG_2305hf3.jpg]     [Image:gradIMG_2265brandon and norris.jpg]      [Image:gradIMG_2271dance jamie.jpg]     [Image:gradIMG_2276dance.jpg]   [Image:gradIMG_2286dance.jpg]   [Image:gradIMG_2290bj.jpg]      [Image:gradIMG_2291cc,sm, &dh.jpg]       [Image:gradIMG_2287dance.jpg]   [Image:gradIMG_2281sp.jpg]      [Image:gradIMG_2329db,mw,ct.jpg]        [Image:gradIMG_2248bains.jpg]   [Image:gradIMG_2294brittany.jpg]        [Image:gradIMG_2254sl.jpg]      [Image:gradIMG_2252twins.jpg]   [Image:gradIMG_2255date tm.jpg] [Image:gradIMG_2266jamie.jpg]   [Image:gradIMG_2241hf.jpg]      [Image:gradIMG_2253erin and bryan.jpg]  [Image:gradIMG_2240brandon.jpg] [Image:gradIMG_2256fk, gc, & hi.jpg]    [Image:gradIMG_2258hannah.jpg]  [Image:gradIMG_2259se & rl2.jpg]        [Image:gradIMG_2263katieb & dp.jpg]     [Image:gradIMG_2236thumbs up.jpg]        [Image:gradIMG_2264peace.jpg]   [Image:gradIMG_2285noisemaker.jpg]      [Image:gradIMG_2292at3.jpg]     [Image:gradIMG_2277se & rl3.jpg]        [Image:gradIMG_2278katie and jf.jpg]    [Image:gradIMG_2279gc & hi.jpg] [Image:gradIMG_2293dance.jpg]   [Image:gradIMG_2297dane no flas.jpg]    [Image:gradIMG_2283dance boysonstage.jpg]       [Image:gradIMG_2295mecarana.jpg]        [Image:gradIMG_2282dance.jpg]   [Image:gradIMG_2288boys on stage.jpg]   [Image:gradIMG_2299red vests.jpg]       [Image:gradIMG_2298line dance.jpg]      [Image:gradIMG_2309 b and girls on stage.jpg]   [Image:gradIMG_2280fk, hi, gc.jpg]        [Image:gradIMG_2284dance YMCA.jpg]      [Image:gradIMG_2289boys on stage.jpg]   [Image:gradIMG_2268bj, tl & bk.jpg]     [Image:gradIMG_2317rm.jpg]      [Image:gradIMG_2311dacne.jpg]   [Image:gradIMG_2297dane no flas.jpg]    [Image:gradIMG_2326surfing.jpg] [Image:gradIMG_2327surfing.jpg] [Image:gradIMG_2330codie.jpg]   [Image:gradIMG_2324dancegreen.jpg]      [Image:gradIMG_2318r peace.jpg] [Image:gradIMG_2314dance no flash.jpg]  [Image:gradIMG_2315db & mg.jpg] [Image:gradIMG_2331at4.jpg]     [Image:gradIMG_2301balloon.jpg] [Image:gradIMG_2306dance.jpg]   [Image:gradIMG_2237ck.jpg]      [Image:gradIMG_2313 dance no flash.jpg]        [Image:gradIMG_2312dance no flash.jpg]  [Image:gradIMG_2319dance.jpg]   [Image:danceIMG_2323g and boys onstage.jpg]     [Image:gradIMG_2320dance purple.jpg]    [Image:gradIMG_2319dance.jpg]   [Image:gradIMG_2310dance no flash.jpg]  [Image:gradIMG_2257bj & bk.jpg] [Image:gradIMG_2300red vests.jpg]       [Image:gradIMG_2270dancejf.jpg] [Image:gradIMG_2296dance no flash.jpg]  [Image:grad IMG_2223growl.jpg]                                   [Image:gradIMG_2316db.jpg]      [Image:gradIMG_2322dance red.jpg]       [Image:gradIMG_2325dance red no flash.jpg]                              
June 2nd to the 30th: Art Show
Ms. Dunn's artwork was chosen to be on display at Ethical Addictions Coffee House all of June.

June 20th:  Casting Workshop
Tai, Breanna, Michelle, Brandon, Des and Ms. Dunn created silver art using the technique of cire perdue (lost wax casting) from Jon (Western Gems and Minerals).

June 5th: Art Display
Six student pieces were chosen to be displayed at a retirement dinner at Abby senior.  Fran Kim's photo of Jenny, Amanda Larders's drawing of the art room window, a beach scene and the walk to school and Jenny Bergen's ocean wave scene and her flower by a window.

June 6th:  House Post Raising Ceremony

        [Image:61107_71030_1.png]       Carman McKay, First Nations Carver, worked with Robert Bateman students since September on a large house post that was unveiled to the entire school in a ceremony that had drumming and singing.  The hosue post will be permanently displayed in the front lobby of the school beside the waterfall.  
June 2st:  Royal Museum Fieldtrip

         Jill Wiebe, Sarah Smith, Clara Kim, Fran Kim, Yesol Jeong, Mika Lee, Kristy Kim, Taylor Ireland, Friederike Rischmann, Tai Lee, Kari Sweet, Bryan Kuhn, Katie Blackburn, Michelle Whatley, Jamie Kirkham, Grace Choi, Hari Im,  Jenny Bergen, Breanna Black, Selina Smith, Sean Pitzel, Anita Sparrow, Courtney Stewart, Katie Hermann, Brandon Johnson, Joo Jun and Janet Lee joined the First Nations students to view the Titanic Artifacts Display and the First Nations Masks at the BC Royal Mudeum in Victoria, we had beautiful weather and a fantastic experience!!!  [Image:7507_95206_0.jpg]        

May 24th:  Mr. Bateman's 77th birthday

May 24th:  A special guest in the classroom
[Image:Brian Lee 2007.jpg]

        May 2007:  Tai Lee Student of the Month

Congratulations to Tai Lee, nominated and awarded the great honour of student of the month for May!     [Image:tai.jpg] Tai is a dedicated member of the Art Club, assisted with the House Post Project, is helpful in all his classes, works many hours after school on his  jewellery projects, assisted during an all day fieldtrip to Victoria, assisted during our artist-in-residence and enrolled in an advanced silversmithng course at UCFV.  Tai also was a contestant in the Bateman Idol contest.  He is an international student from Taiwan who has made a great impression during his first year at Robert Bateman. Unfortunately this is Tai's first and last year, as he is a grade twelve student who is off to UCFV in September).   
May:  Students in District Scholarhsips
Jenny Bergen (Fine Arts: Art), Courtney Stewart (Applied Skills: Textiles), Jamie Kirkham (Fine Arts: Photo), Franschesca Kim (Fine Arts: Art), Amanda Larder (Fine Arts: Art), and Alex Jackson (Applied Skills: DC) have all completed amzing work for the District Scholarships on May 14th and 15th.  The students spent the day at the Seven Oaks mall and are competing for $1000 scholarships.

May 14th to the 18th:  Artist-in-Residence
Master Carver, Derek Wilson, will demonstrate the art of carving on silver jewellery to Art 9, 10, 11 and 12 class.  Mr. Wilson will also be demonstrating his work to the student body during lunch hour.

May 18th:  Celebrate Canada!
Fran Kim's artwork has been chosen as one of the two hundred from throughout B.C. whose work will be framed and hanging in Canada Place as part of the Canada Day poster competition. There will be over four hundred people present and Fran has two complimentary passes to the IMAX theatre as well.

Spring 2007:  UCFV Advanced Silversmithing

        [Image:barry.jpg]       Ms. Dunn, Tai Lee and Breanna Black attended a six week jewellery course lead by Barrie Edwards.  Reticulation, riveting, hinges, embossing, hollow forms, surface treatments, cutting and forming metal were some of the techniques everyone had a chance to experiment with.

Pictured at left clockwise:  stamps for embossing, shapes hammered out of silver, metal press, hollow forms, soldering, drilling and the silver forms on firebrick      
Spring 2007:  Lee's Jewellery Casting Demo
Ms. Dunn and Jenny Bergen had the opportunity to see how the goldsmiths at Lee's Fine Jewellery create gold rings using the lost wax procedure.
May 1st:  AP portfolios
Fran Kim, Jamie Kirkham, Hari Im, Courtney Stewart and Amanda Larder represent the largest number of Advanced Placement submissions in one year in Bateman's entire history!  Their work will soon be featured on the Advanced Placement Web Gallery [ ]

Apr. 2007:  Lens and Shutter Cameras Display

        [Image:lens and shutter 2007.jpg]       April 17th to the 21st Robert Bateman Students' (Katie Blackburn, Michelle Whatley, Rebecca Larder, Kari Sweet, Hari Im, Jill Wiebe, Fran Kim, Courtney Stewart, Grace Choi, Mika Lee, Anita Sparrow, Jamie Kirkham, Hannah Lang, Sam Loewen, Sarah Smith, and Katharina Staben) photographs are on exclusive display in both front windows of Lens and Shutter Cameras in the Seven Oaks Mall.  Seventy works are displayed in trifolds and bifolds - the largest display in the store to date.        
Apr. 2007:  Michael Hill Jewellery Display
NEW!!!  For the first time from April 17th to the 21st Robert Bateman Students' (Tai Lee, Brandon Johnson, Michelle Whatley, Des Oates, Breanna Black, and Jenny Bergen) jewellery was on exclusive display in the front window of Michael Hill Jewellery in the Seven Oaks Mall.

        [Image:michael Hill Display store.jpg]  [Image:michael Hill display minna.jpg]  [Image:michael Hill display.jpg]        
Apr. 2007:  Seven Oaks Mall Display
April 17th to the 21st Robert Bateman Students' artwork was on display.  Check out over two hundred works by art and photography students, the largest display to date![Image:2007 7oaks collage2.jpg]
First Row:  Jenny Bergen, Mall Show, Abi Zubel, Abi Zubel, Amanda Jury, Andrew Whitman, Emily Starkey, Emily Starkey, Emily Starkey and Luke Kim, Luke Kim, Luke Kim.

Second Row:  Brianna Creelman and Tika Chandra, Katie Hermann and Desiree Block, Natalie Rast and Christine Kutt, Jina Piercey and Jessica Schierling, Christine Kutt, Ryan MacInnes and Lauren Neil, Art Nine Ceramics, Michael Hill Display, Michael Hill

Third Row:  Michael Hill Display and Minna Liu, Micael Hill Display Window, Jenny Bergen, Michael Hill Display window, Tai Lee and Desiree Oates, Senior Ceramics (Breanna Black, Andrea Snopek, and Helena Fraser, 3-D display (Four cases: Tai Lee, Jessica Archibald, Fran Kim, Breanna Black, Kristen Endacott, Jenet Lee, Natalie Ellis, Helena Fraser, Andrea Snopek, Lyanna Sweetman, Minna Lui, Sherayah, Wei Sun).

Fourth Row:  Lens and Shutter Display (see above Lens and Shutter display list)

Fifth Row:  Photography displays (see above Lens and Shutter display list)

Sixth Row:  Jamie Kirkham, Rebecca Larder, Tiffany Martin , Sofie Sleeman, Art 10 (Lyanna Sweetnam, Kristy Kim, Minna Liu, Taylor Stone, Mandy Dyck), Kristy Kim, Jill Wiebe, Jill Wiebe, Andrea Snopek, Sarh Eno and Hari Im

Seventh Row:  Kari Sweet, Alex Jackson, Jamie Kirkham, Sarah Eno, Nick Weishaar, Fran Kim and Yun-Yun Lee, Sarah Eno, Chris Kim, Fran Kim, Alex Jackson, Chris Kim

Eigth Row:  Chris Kim, Chris Kim, Yun-Yun Lee, Yun-Yun Lee, Alex Jackson, Kari Sweet, Amanda Larder, Ian Love, Fran Kim, Sarah Eno,

Ninth Row:  Hari Im, Hari Im, Hari Im, Courtney Stewart, Courtney Stewart

Apr. 2006
Congratulations to Hari Im!  She has been offered a $15,000 per year combined honours scholarship to Savannah College of Art and Design[ ]
as well as a being selected as a recipient of the $20,000 merit scholarship at MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art).

March,  2007

        [Image:43007_83620_1.jpg]       Congratulations to Fran Kim for being selected as the Bateman Student  of the Month for March, 2007.
        Fran Kim is also  an honour roll student with a passion for the Fine Arts.  She has taken Photography and Art courses, worked on the  Year Book for the past two years and is currently taking  Advanced Placement Art. Fran's cover design was chosen for  our current student agenda she has won serveral Art and  Photography contests. Fran wishes to pursue her interest in  art and photography at the post-secondary level and she has  recently been accepted to the Ontarion College of Art and  Design. In addition to her course work, Fran is a member of  the Art Club, Multi-Cultural Club and Bateman Kiwanis Key  Club as Bulletin Editor.
Mar. 2006:  Photo published in newspaper
Congratulations to Jamie Kirkham!  Her night photography was published in two articles featuring the Sihk Temple.

Feb. 2007
Congratulations to Fran Kim for her grand prize award from the Fraser Valley Eagle Fesival Photography Contest.  Fran was awarded a tripod.

Jan. 2007
Two busloads of students went to Granville Gallery Row, Granville Island and the Vancouver Art Gallery.  Visits to studios, gallery rental previews and an art workshop were highlights.
[Image:vag trip 2006.jpg]
November, 2006
        Congratulations to  Jennifer Bergen for  being selected as the Bateman Student of the Month for  November, 2006.
        [Image:43007_83256_0.jpg]       Jenny is a wonderful  student who excels in her course work despite having a learning disability. She is currently enrolled in an  Independant Study in Jewellery and Studio Art Drawing and  Painting 11. She plans on being a Fine Art Assistant next  semester in the Art Metal and Jewellery 12 course and  Studio Arts: Drawing and Painting 12 where is she is  planning to complete her Fine Arts District Scholarship  project. Her work has been displayed at UCFV. She also has  a volunteer work experience position in Lee's Jewellery  twice a week where she observes and works on goldsmithing.  She is kind, helpful and hard-working and is involved in  numerous clubs and volunteer groups after school: 2006 Art  Club, 2005, 2006, 2007 Multicultural Club, 2006, 2007 Key  Club, a school prayer group, and a church missions trip to  Mexico. She also assists and teaches on occassions at the  Evangelical Free's Sunday School (Super Church). She has  sold commisioned jewellery and does an outstading job on  all of her art assignments (sketchbook included)        
Nov. 2006:  UCFV's third annual high school art show
Congratulations to Jenny Bergen for the excellent showcase of her silver smithing at the University College of the Fraser Valley's art show.

Oct. 2006:  M.A.A. Fall Show
Congratulations to Jamie Kirkham for the excellent showcase of her watercolour painting which sold at the Mission Art Council Gallery

Sept. 2006:  Poster and Invitation published
Congratulations to Jamie Kirkham for the excellent showcase of her design skills as her poster and invitation was chosen for the Mission Artists' Association's Fall Show: Autumn Interludes.

2007 Bateman Displays of Art and Photography
In school:
        Senior Photography students: each term each student in Studio Arts: Photo11/12 create a one-person display on showcase for a week in the school.
        School displays:  two displays in lower foyer, two displays in hallway  changed four times a year.
        Senior Art Gallery: four new pieces
        Clayburn Open House display
        Photographs for the school musical on display board and in program.
        Website well-developed for the visual arts
        Five students will complete the AP portfolio program
Out of school:
        Display in the Seven Oaks Mall:  over two hundred works of art on display.
        Display in the Seven Oaks Mall: NEW!  Three dimensional displays in ceramics and sculpture,                     four plinths full!
        Display in the Seven Oaks Mall: Exclusive Bateman Photography displays:  Lens and Shutter       Display in the Seven Oaks Mall: Exclusive Bateman's displays:  NEW!  Michael Hill Jewellers,    Display in local businesses:  NEW!  Lee's Jewellery
        Display in Mission businesses:  NEW!  Gold Bin Jewellery
        Display in Langley businesses:  NEW!  Snaffle
        Art Show:  Mission Artists Association Fall Show: student designed poster and invitation NEW!                   Student work sold
        Art Show:  UCFV's third invitational high school art show, Bateman has participated each year.
        Newspapers: student's photographs published in several articles.
        Contests:  Fraser Valley Eagle Festival First Place photography.

College credits in high school?  Yes!!  Advanced Placement Studio Art!
Congratulations to Mike Pigot who has been awarded advanced placement in four courses in a Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the U.C.F.V.  Based on the American College Board adjudicators' marking of Mike's portfolio, he has been given college level course credits based on the artwork he completed in his high school art and photography classes.  U.C.F.V. has just been acredited this summer with the Bachelor of Fine Arts program and students can now complete their degree in Fine Art at our local college campus.

District Scholarship Winner 2006!
Congratulations to Tiffany Martin who won for her photography district scholarship project in the Fine Arts.  Tiffany has won $500.00 cash and $500.00 towards her post-secondary education.

Agenda Cover Design 2006 - 2007
Fran Kim's agenda cover design is in the hands of almost thousand people.  Her drawing incorporated the timberwolf, the pack, our waterfall and our mascot, Timber.  Excellent work, Fran!  We look forward the next year's design from our students in the fourth edition of an student designed agenda.  Jessica Matthews (2004-2005), and Tiffany Martin (2005-2006) were the first students to design the R.B.S.S. agenda cover.

        [Image:agenda 2006.jpg]         
Summer News:  AP Success Story!
Both Mike Pigot and Tiffany Martin successfully completed and submitted their AP portfolios and they have been awarded advanced placement standing from the American College Board.  Excellent work!  Please see their outstanding portfolios at the following webpage:

Art Club
The Art Club will be meeting once a week, working to complete a very ambitious art project that will become a permenant part of Bateman's art collection.  Anyone is welcome to join.  Please see Ms. Dunn in the Art Office (W112-114) if you are interested.

Two New Art Teachers!
Ms. Barclay and Ms. Grieve are teaching Art classes at Robert Bateman.  The Fine Arts Department would like to welcome them and wish both a very fun and successful semester.  

June 15th, 2006 - International Awards  - Students are all achieving 90% or better!!!
Students awarded                        Visual Arts Programs
        Piwoori Chang           Studio Arts 11: Fabric and Fibre
        Sei Jun (Andy ) Kim     Photography 11 as well as winning the Ambassador Award
        Ga Hyei (Gena) Lee      Photography 12

May 29th to June 2nd, 2006: Artist-in-Residence: Fabric Art
Heleen de Boer, a well-known fabric artist, visited the school and in five short days taught our Art 9's and 10's the oldest known technique of creating fabric: tablet weaving.  Please see a small sampling of the students and Heleen at work.[Image:heleen de boer .mov]  Her visit was also highlighted in an excellent article in the June 6th News.    

June 2nd-18th, 2006:   Mission Artists' Association Spring Splash Show
Mission Art Gallery, First and Catherwood, Mission.  Gallery Hours:  Weds. to Sat., 1-4.  Ms. Dunn is participating in this M.A.A. show with several pieces of her original silver jewelry and would like to invite students and parents to the Opening Night:  Friday, June 2nd 7:00 P.M.

June, 2006:  Senior Students Exhibit
The following students in the Studio Art Photography 12 class will assemble their best work in the lower foyer and the hallway of the first floor in the west wing over the month of January:
May 22nd to June 2nd:  Robyn Mooney
May 29th to June 2nd:  Christine deGoede
June 5th to June 9th:  Sofie Slieman, Rebecca Larder and Renita Kaethler
June 12th to June 16th: Amber Vis and Gena Lee
June 19th to June 23rd: Lucas Kling and Kaylee Blanchard

May 24th, 2006: Happy Birthday, Bob!!!

        [Image:53106_75049_0.jpg]       Robert Bateman, our school's namesake who is an internationally reknown naturalist and wildlife artist, is 76 years young on May 24th, 2006.  Gena Lee, Photography 12 student, took a gorgeous photo of the school and also created a photomontage of the block D classes that has been signed by staff and students and sent off to Mr. Bateman.  Over three quarters of a century on the planet, Wow-ee!!            
May 23th, 2006:  Agenda Cover Design Winner
Franchesca Kim's design of a howling wolf alongwith Timber and the wolf pack in the forest will be featured on the front and back cover of next year's school agenda.  One thousand agendas are printed every year - look for your limited edition reproduction of Fran's art in September. Congratulations on the great work, Fran!    

May 23th to June 12th, 2006: Art Volunteer
Kelly Macintosh is volunteering in the art classes for the next month.  She is looking forward to starting her education degree at Simon Fraser and she already has been a great help assisting with projects in the Visual Arts program: the senior art gallery, Bob's birthday card and prepping for the upcoming artist-in-residence.

April 20th, May 29th to June 2nd, 2006: Artist-in-Residence: Fabric Art
Heleen de Boer, a well-known fabric artist, will be visiting the school and teaching our Art 9's and 10's the oldest known technique of creating fabric: tablet weaving.  Heleen has presented workshops to adults and in colleges and is looking forward to working with our high school's talented artists.  She will be introducing the technique on April the 20th and then presenting a week long workshop May 29th to June 2nd.  During block D at the end of May she will be demonstrating her work on an inkle loom in the front foyer by the library.  Everyone should take the opportunity to see the wonderful works of art she creates in textiles.

April 25th, 2006:  District Scholarships

        [Image:Picture 15.png]  [Image:Picture 14.png]  [Image:Picture 13.png]  Tiffany with her mixed media photo project.     Lucas and Des McKay, District Superintendant.   Lucas with his wire sculpture photo project.    Lucas Kling and Tiffany Martin showcased their art work in the Seven Oaks Mall on April 25th as they are applying for Abbotsford School District Fine Arts Scholarships.  Bateman has an excellent history of successful applicants and we wish these two talented young people all the best in their presentations.  Lucas created a large piece of metal artwork to showcase his work in photography and Tiffany created a room to view her pieces of drawing, painting and photography within.  We hope everyone will make an effort to see their work for the one-day presentations on the last Tuesday of April.

April 12, 2006:  Open Studios
        [Image:IMG_0480.jpg]    [Image:IMG_0482.jpg]    Jenny demonstrates how to solder silver.        Lucas working on his District Scholarship Display.      Over thirty visual art students welcomed future Bateman students to the art classrooms by demonstrating jewelry, printmaking, sculpture and photography on April 12th.  The students volunteered their time in the evening just to give the grade eights an exciting introduction to our school.  Over a hundred people came for tours at Bateman.  The grade nine students were demonstrating printmaking and the darkroom was full of students working.  Future Bateman students saw a  lot of the programs that the Fine Arts Department offers.

April 4th to 9th, 2006:  Seven Oaks Mall Display         [ fcp://,%233100173/Home%20Page%20Folder/Home Page 1/seven oaks mall ]seven oaks mall 
Bateman had three display spaces at the district art show April 4th to 9th.  Lens and Shutter featured our photography students exclusively in their front display areas and nineteen easels featured over one hundred and ten works of art in two location in the mall. It was the biggest display of art in Bateman's history with the largest number of art student participants.  Many students came and helped out with the set-up and the take down and Ms. Dunn and Ms. Guy would like to thank all of the volunteers that made such a huge task of highlighting our visual arts programs possible to accomplish.  Congratulations to all of the art and photography students on the fantastic work that was showcased.

April, 2006:  Advanced Placement
Tiffany Martin and Mike Pigot will be submitting their AP portfolios to the American College Board this month.  Advanced Placement Studio Art is a high school course that many colleges and universities accept as credit for first year post-secondary studio courses.  Mike and Tiffany will need a score of "3" out of a five point scale to be granted advanced standing and many people who have seen their work on our agenda cover and the 2005-2006 yearbook cover are confident that they will be sucessful candidates in AP.  Hyesung Kim, our AP student from last year, is currently enrolled in Parsons School of Art and Design, in New York.  She has a full scholarship to this internationally acclaimed school based on the strength of her AP portfolio.

March 27th to April 2nd, 2006:  Artist-in-Residence: Metal Art
Frank Dunn visited our Art Club and spent some time with the Art 9's and 10's teaching the students how to work with a metal jigsaw and a MIG welder to created a work of art that we hope will grace the front gates of the school.  The Art Club is starting to add the copper to the trees that were cut out in stainless steel while Mr. Dunn was here and the Art 10's are working on a sculpture project which will add brass, copper and stainless steel pacific dogwood flowers to the design.  We hope to see the artwork completed by June for everyone to enjoy.

March 10, 2006:  Abbotsford Symphony Display
Thirteen students' works of art were showcased at the Central Heights Church on McCallum Road on March 10th.  The exhibit featured Bateman's students artwork exclusively during an evening the Abbotsford Symphony was celebrating musical accomplishments and scholarship winners.  The symphony patrons were very complementary of the work by our students.

March, 2006:  Grand Prize Winner
Franchesca Kim entered the Clean Air Design Contest and was chosen as the grand prize winner.  She was awarded over one thousand dollars and her banner will be featured in the initiatives by the City of Abbotsford.  Her beautiful banner design is featured, large scale, in our lower foyer display case and was published in the newspaper in a three page spread. Fame, fun and fortune: Fran has it all!

January, 2006:  Senior Students Exhibit
The following students in the Studio Art Photography 12 class will assemble their best work in the lower foyer and the hallway of the first floor in the west wing over the month of January:
January 9th to the 13th:  Akeem Nermo and Mike Pigot
January 16th to the 20th:  Tiffany Martin and Ashley Murray
January 23rd to the 27th:  Lucas Kling and Amber Vis
January 30th to the 3rd of February:  Adam Lapka and Robyn Mooney

December 3rd, 2005:  National Portfolio Day
The Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design hosts National Porfolio Day starting at noon on Saturday, December 3rd.  Many students can have their porfolios reviewed by national and international post-secondary school representatives.  Some students with strong portfolios may have their admission to a college or university guaranteed and some students are invited to apply for scholarships as well.  It's a unique opportunity to see presentations from many of the visual art campuses.  Please see for more information.

November 25th, 2005:  "Workshop Wonders" Display Opening Night
R.B.S.S. students Tiffany Martin, Alyssa Elgersma and Art/Photo Instructor, Ms. Dunn will be participating the Mission Artists' Association Fall Show.  Alyssa's posters and invitations for the show were distributed throughout Mission and Tiffany was invited to display her work alongwith professional artists.  You are invited to the opening night, Friday, November 25th at 7pm when you can meet the artists (appetizers and drinks will be provided).  "Workshop Wonders" is collection of work inspired by learning a new technique, or mastering an old one during workshops held by the M.A.A. in a variety of mediums such as pencil, silk painting and acrylics.  The show runs from Wed. Nov 23rd to Sat. Dec. 3rd.  The show is located at the Mission Art Gallery, First Avenue and Catherwood.

November 22nd , 2005:  UCFV's Secondary School Art Show Opening Night
The following schools will exhibit work at the UCFV's gallery: Brookswood Secondary, Langley Secondary, R.E. Mountain Secondary, Walnut Grove Secondary, Abbotsford Senior Secondary, Rick Hanson Secondary, Robert Bateman Secondary, MEI, St. John Brebeuf, Mission Secondary and Hope Secondary. The exhibition will take place November 21st until December 2nd, 2005. The opening reception will be on November 22nd at 7:00 pm. Appetizers, coffee and drinks will be provided. Last year the high school exhibition received a lot of publicity (it was even announced in the Vancouver Province) both in the local papers and radio. This show was very well received due to the excellent work performed by both the students and teachers. The exposure was particularly invaluable for the students involved, and we hope to repeat this success again. From Bateman, Richie Rempel will display his sculptural piece. Rebecca Zubel and Alyssa Elgersma will display their drawings.  Mike Pigot, Kaylee Blanchard, Lucas Kling, Tiffany Martin, Sophie Sleeman, Amber Vis will display their photographs and Katie Maher will display her acrylic painting on wood.
        [Image:ucfv mike and tif and sher.jpg]  [Image:ucfvamber.jpg]   [Image:ucfv display.jpg]        
November 17th, 2005:  Yearbook Cover
Mike Pigot's typography and layout assignment was chosen as the yearbook cover for 2005/2006.  His design features his night photography and he has montaged several photos together to make an outstanding cover design.  This year's theme is "reflection" and Mike images are excellent visual for the concept.  

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2005:  B.C. Legislature Minutes:  The House met at 2:03 p.m.
Introductions by Members
          Hon. M. Coell: I have three guests in the Legislature. I'd like the Legislature to please welcome Arthur Wiens, and Laura and Al Radzanowski.
          N. Simons: I'd just like to draw the attention of the House to two guests from the Kootenays who are here representing TASK, the Tourism Action Society in the Kootenays: Deborah Paynton and Eileen Fletcher, the executive director. I would like the House to please make them welcome.
          Hon. J. van Dongen: I have two introductions today. I would like to acknowledge His Excellency Dave Reddaway, high commissioner for the United Kingdom to Canada, visiting us in the gallery. He is accompanied by Martin Cronin, the recently appointed consul general of the U.K. based in Vancouver. I am pleased to say that we had a productive meeting with these two gentlemen and the Attorney General, and I would like to ask the House to please make them very welcome to the Legislature.
          I would also like to welcome 40 grade 12 law students who are visiting from my constituency, from Robert Bateman Secondary School. They are accompanied by teachers Doug Primrose and Ms. Sherry Dunn. They are actually here for a two-day trip to visit the provincial Legislature and also to visit the Provincial Court and sit in on hearings in the Provincial Court. I'd ask the House to please make them welcome as well.

November 15th, 2005:  Robert Bateman staff approved the art mural to be mounted in the west wing hallway.  The mural features paintings of famous artworks and media,tools and techniques of art.  Each scene of the panels were designed and completed by individual students but each scene transforms into the next to form a seamless mural that will decorate the space above the doorways.

October 25th, 2005:  Alyssa Elgersma's poster design was chosen among many outstanding art works for the Mission Artists' Association's Fall Show poster and invitation. Congratulations, Alyssa!

October 24th, 2005:  Lindsay, Christine, Katie, Renita, Alyssa, Kate, Kate, Katie, Karen, Kendra, Susan, Sara, Akeem, Sofie, and Amber have perfect attendance to this point in the year.

September 17th, 2005:  Tiffany Martin, of our student agenda fame, volunteered for the Mission Arts Alive Tour and had a chance to assist printmaker David White.  She had an opportunity to also create prints whilst assisting the public and has been invited to display her work in the upcoming Mission Art Gallery Show.  Tiffany was featured in the November issue of "The Palette", the Mission Artists' Association's newsletter.

2004, Abbostford Times (Site updated Friday, April 30, 2004 10:25 AM)  First-ever Artys a huge success
By Christina Toth - Times
The first annual Arty Awards presented Tuesday night by the Abbotsford Arts Council was declared to be a success by its organisers.  More than 150 people attended the evening awards presentation at the Matsqui Centennial Auditorium, including nominees and arts supporters from Abbotsford, Mission and Langley.   "I thought the turn-out was fabulous for a first time event. I really liked the energy generated by the having all the various artist groups in one place," said Cathy Burrell, Abbotsford Arts Council president.  She said others were also struck by the warm, positive tone of the evening.  "I really liked that intergenerational thing. We had nominees from age 6 to 90. I think it was just a great community arts event. You just can't make that happen," Burrell said.  The evening gave artists who are often too busy to connect a chance to meet each other, she said.  The idea for the Arty awards night grew out of a conversation between arts council directors Freddie Latham and Dana MacMillan. The two women, with arts council executive director Judy Whyte, were the three principal organisers of the evening.  The soiree was hosted by Abbotsford Coun. George Peary in full tuxedo, whose quips were accompanied by mellow piano tunes played by Abbotsford resident Jeff Brown. Assisting Peary were members of the Abbotsford Children's Theatre, a group directed by Latham. Singer Corey Primus and the six-member Inverglen Scottish Dancers also performed.  Awards went to nominees in 10 categories. The winners were: Outstanding artist in the performing arts, music - Fraser Valley Symphony; outstanding artist in the performing arts, theatre - Abbotsford Children's Theatre; outstanding artist in the performing arts, dance - Inverglen Scottish Dancers; outstanding artist in the visual arts, sculptor Norm Williams; outstanding artist in the literary arts, Elsie Neufeld; outstanding arts advocate, watercolourist Gwen Gregorig; outstanding emerging artist, Grade 8 actor Spencer Stump; arts volunteer, Ardis Jansen; arts sponsor, Abbotsford News; arts instructor, Sherry Dunn.

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